Why Wi-Net Wi-Spots?

Mobile Marketing
  1. Flexibility − Choose any or all of our hot-spots to advertise on and change your ad at any time.
  2. Call to Action − Don't get stuck with a static press or radio ad, your ads can offer customers the chance to click through to your website. Don't have one? We can build and host a website for you for the duration of your promotion.
  3. Statistics − Unlike traditional media, we can tell you how many people see your ads each day and if you have a link to your website, we can tell you how many clicked through for more information.
  4. Special Promotions − Don't get caught with a boring old promotion, ask us about our Treasure Hunt and Check In promotions!
Mobile Marketing

How to Advertise? It's as easy as 1, 2, 3

  1. Just click the sign up button on the right, fill out the form and choose the locations where you want to place your ad on.
  2. Upload your Ad in jpeg format.
  3. Pay by cash, cheque or credit card at any Surpay Outlet and your ad will run on the same day.

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